Mark Watches Video Pass


Created for my loyal fans, this will allow you to get a discount on all Mark Watches video commission files purchased through this store. These discounts are on a sliding scale, meaning that the "cost" per video goes down with the more you buy in advance. Please note that the special Gift Card you receive from this does not apply to other products in the store. Any attempt to use them will involve a refund and a possible ban from purchasing from me. Please do not abuse a good thing! Again, these gift cards are for THE VIDEO COMMISSION FILES ATTACHED TO MARK WATCHES REVIEWS ONLY.

The passes are available in four levels:

$10 card costs $8

$25 card costs $18.75

$50 card costs $35

$100 card costs $65

Upon ordering this, you'll be issued a digital gift card that never expires! Please allow up to 12 hours for this card to arrive in the event that I am asleep or traveling. I have to fulfill them manually, but I will generally get them done as soon as possible! If by chance I have not sent you one within that window: You are more than welcome to email me (by replying to the receipt) to bug me!!! 

PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR BALANCE TO BUY A NEW VIDEO PASS. Use all of the card, THEN order a new one.