Mark Watches Video Commission!


In order to shorten this page, I have moved the rules to a separate location. Please read this page before commissioning anything from me. For the time being, due to touring/traveling/sheer lack of time, all bonus commissions are closed. 

List updated as of 09/14/20 03:41pm Eastern.


    Mark Watches Shows That Are On My Schedule

      • JANE THE VIRGIN: All season 3 claimed! 4x01, 4x05, 4x06, 4x07, 4x10, 4x12, 4x13, 4x15, 4x17, 5x01, 5x19
      • CODE GEASS (anime): 1x01, 1x03, 1x22, 2x25
      • DOCTOR WHO: All of series 12 is claimed!
      • STEVEN UNIVERSE FUTURE: All claimed! 
      • GOING POSTAL adaptation: All claimed!
      • THE COLOUR OF MAGIC ADAPTATION: All episodes claimed!

    Mark Watches Shows Not On The Schedule, But Planned. Please note that I don't encourage you to commission these too far in advance, as it stresses me out to have them hanging over my head. I will let y'all know ASAP what the next few DF will be! Promise!