Welcome to the new Mark Does Stuff store! June 20 2013, 239 Comments

I've officially moved from CafeCommerce to Shopify, something I've been wanting to do for a while, but lacked the time and resources to do so. (See, I told y'all there'd be good things coming by taking a break from bonus Mark Watches commissions! AND THERE IS STILL MORE TO COME.) This also allowed me to finally have a single place where I could announce new products and features in the Mark Does Stuff world so that I wasn't writing two different posts and potentially confusing readers. So! Bookmark this blog. I'll link to it on Twitter and on the sites often whenever there's something new going on, but I'd like to start using this as a central location to ~party hard~.

So! Let's talk about all the new things my store has to offer, as well as what I have planned for the near future!

  • Everything is pretty! My boyfriend is a graphic designer and does this shit for a living, and I never once thought, "Hey, maybe I should ask him to help?" Shut up. So he sat down with me last weekend, picked out a theme, tweaked it, did his magic, and THUS THE SITE WAS BORN. It's so pretty. He'll be using his talents in the coming weeks to give Mark Reads and Mark Watches a much-needed touch of talent. (And don't be scared. I really want to keep a clean, readable style that's super simple like I have now, but I just need a few small things done. It's not going to be that radical of a change. Well, at least so far.) 
  • All eBook pages now have a dropdown menu to choose what filetype you want to download. Gone are the days when I had to create three separate items in the store. THANK GODS. Not only was this taxing on me, but it was confusing as hell to many of you. I can't even count how many times I had to re-send the correct file because someone bought the wrong one. This is me saying you were not alone. So don't feel bad!
  • Mark Watches Video Archives!!!! This took a while to get set up, but they're here! Many of you have been confused (rightfully show) by all the video hosting ~drama~ I've gone through in 2012, so this will hopefully make things less bewildering! I've got ten different shows archived on the site, and you can download any video for just $0.99! 
  • I know it may seem strange that I'm now charging for video commissions, so let me explain myself. Now that I'm using my own server/CDN, I've learned why Dropbox suspended me so much. On an average day, y'all download 50GB worth of videos. It's going to cost me around $250-$300 a month just to host video commissions. So let that sink in: I'll need to do 10-12 commissions just to keep commissions online. So I've decided that all shows or seasons that are not current, video commissions will cost 99 cents to download! This does not affect commissions in real time. Those will always be free to download! To give an example, I'm in the midst of season 2 of both The West Wing and Friday Night Lights. All those commissions will be free until I move to season 3. Then I'll archive the previous season on the site.
  • I hope that makes sense! I'm just hoping that this can provide me with some funds to cover hosting and allow a permanent archive of videos.
  • Everything that I currently had on my own external drive and Dropbox is now up, with the exception of season one of The West Wing and Friday Night Lights. So, if you have any of the missing "episodes" on your computer, please email me if you'd like to contribute to building up the archive! I'm missing a TON of AngelDollhouse, Cowboy Bebop, and Princess Tutu videos! I'll give you a 25% off discount in the store if you do help me out. 

I'll be putting up some more archives in the coming weeks, and you'll be notified of new additions on this blog and on Twitter. I'll put links in the Mark Links Stuff footer as well, so please check those every day.

So what's in the future? Well, I'm working on a t-shirt design that is INCREDIBLE, so I hope to have that done within the next month. There are also plans for more physical merch, too. SURPRISES.

Thanks for all the support, y'all. I appreciate it! I am going on tour NEXT WEEK, and have dates in the US and Europe all summer! I hope to meet many of you in the coming months. :)

Mark (Who Does Stuff)